About Deam

About Deam

What we do

Since its inception, Deam’s focus has always been on helping the clients work efficiently, less downtimes and highly reliable products.

As a proven leader in the Information and Financial Technologies sector, Deam provides consultation, designs, manages, support and delivers innovative solutions with the aim to create a more efficient, safer, smarter and better-connected Digital age.

We make it work

Deam has built on its strong Singabodian heritage to become truly a recognize name in Indochina. The company has achieved a more than threefold in order increase since 2005.

Our leadership

Under the leadership of Michael Kwek, Deam is led by a team of recognized industry veterans and experts in their fields.

Joint ventures

Deam is a shareholder of BT Payments International (Cambodia) incorporated since early 2020, is a JV between Banktech Group Australia and a leading provider of Payment Technology Solutions (Device, Gaming and Payment) in Australia, India, Philippines, Hongkong and Cambodia. Further leveraging Core Payments and Device Management Competencies to grow its International Presence and Bridging the gap between cash and digital payments.

Living up to our philosophy

Deam engage honestly, supports effectively, and being accountable at all levels. We aim to maintain the highest standards of compliance and transparency in our business practices and meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Pushing Financial Technologies Towards Strong Business Growth

As we transform our business, we are working with our customers, partners and vendors to drive higher productivity, efficiency and resilience into everything we do

  • Deam Cambodia deliveries and revenues has leapfrog since 2015
  • Strong market leader in Oracle financial banking application/services and
    Oracle enterprise systems
  • Sustainable Growth: sales increase through outsourcing & network
    management services
  • Services Expansion with services improvement and continuous training
  • Key Drivers of Growth: focusing in Fintech products and services

We seek an honest relationship with our customers with their specific requirements by communicating openly and with complete transparency

The future of Digital Banking

A better Digital Experience for Customer

  • Customers expect a much more interactive experience
  • Better transaction capabilities through smart devices
  • Digital solutions (Mobile or Digital devices)
  • Customers having more options to interact with their bank
  • Future personalization on lifestyles, businesses, values and aspirations

The DEAM Computer Advantage

A better Digital Experience for Customer

  • Leverage competitive Fintech products portfolio to strengthen market engagement
  • Boost better efficiency and competitiveness through digital and innovation
  • Leverage advance digital tools to further improve productivity and Technology investments imperative for creating stronger market position
  • Cloud Solutions Infrastructure
  • Blockchain-based technology