Core banking solution application

  • FLEXCUBE & TEMENOS have Strong Market Presence in Cambodia
  • Both CBS caters to All Types of Banks: Retail, Digital, Corporate, Microfinance, Virtual, Universal, Private etc.

Network Management and Services

  • Manages Cambodia Immigration systems security and operations.
  • To provide technical support to General Department of Immigration for Cambodia immigration border control system since 2003.
  • ATM network management 24/7 with our trained support Field Engineers.
  • Annual Support & Preventive Maintenance Solution


Application Services

  • Flexcube & Temenos Universal banking consulting, installation, implementation, support and maintenance.
  • ATM switch, AML, IFRS and Digital banking consulting, implementation, support and maintenance
  • App development and Project management
  • Other financial products & Customization services.
  • Mini Core banking applications, Insurance, HRMS , Inventory Control systems , E- commerce platform


Outsourcing Services

  • Onsite Installation and Deployment Services for end-to-end program that includes project management, implementation, and multivendor integration.
  • End-to-End Lifecycle Services
  • Cloud Services
  • ATM white label network
  • Opex business model services

Partnering with industrial technologies leaders to support our future product strategies

We maintain a deep understanding of emerging and game changing technologies so we can identify the areas of investment that will ensure we maintain our leading in fintech, Enterprise solution products and security capabilities. Partnering with the best industrial technologies leaders to develop new solutions to support our customers. This enables us to deliver innovative, affordable and effective capabilities to our customers and drive sustainable growth within the business.

We help business get ahead and stay ahead.